So much information!

Just as a point of reference I applied to the Peace Corps when I was in Argentina, so the Spring of 2010. I was nominated in August 2010 and invited in July 2011 while I was living with my dad in Belize. This process has been long and really I just want to get there. Instead we keep getting emails and notes to make sure that all of our paperwork is in order. Naturally, every time I think I am good to go one of my medical documents expires because my original application was submitted SO long ago. At any rate in one of the many emails I have received in the countdown to my/our departure they asked that we share information with our families. There is information about written communication, phones, sending packages (HINT HINT), and visiting (another HINT). Here is the link if you feel so inclined to read the document.

In the past staging for Jamaica has taken place in Miami, but we are going to Atlanta. Its sort of exciting because I have never been to the ATL, but we are also only there for like 24 hours–and I doubt there is much time to do anything but more copious amounts of paperwork.

I’ve done a good job thus far of reading about what people have brought with them to Jamaica. Everything from random things one wouldn’t think to bring like a can opener to what colors not to wear during elections so you aren’t linked to one of the political parties. I think I may have to post a wish lists of things I need/want. Or maybe I’ll be surprised with a sweet package in a few months!


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