I’m a big girl now!

My new big kid toy!

This is a big moment for me, but let me preface by saying I have no idea when or if I will actually use a Leatherman. The only thing I actually ever used the knife on my PFD for rafting was to open beers or cut apples. I know people that would smack me for admitting that, but lets be honest. The thing I am dreading most about leaving is actually packing. There is a packing list floating around that was put together by some current PCVs in Jamaica and they suggested a multi purpose tool. This is where I go back to having no clue when it will actually get used. I mean, I’ve made in this far in life without one, who’s to say I’m going to need one now? There is a bottle opener…and a knife…so at the very least I can continue to open beers and cut apples, but I still probably still leave the wire cutting to someone else. At any rate I’m still pumped. Side note: the girl we were talking to when buying this was like oh I use it for everything. I cut boxes and food…in no particular order. I’m just nasty. The other day I ate a piece of pizza off a pizzeria floor. End note. PIZZA OFF THE FLOOR IS JUST NASTY. I get being rugged and not being bothered by dirt, but you have to have standards! Come ON!


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