A new twist

My name is Kris and I am addicted to bread. Why is this important? Because I can no longer eat it. After about a month of horrible stomach aches and nausea I went to the doctor to get tested for food allergies only to find out that I can no longer eat gluten.

If anyone is aware of a 12 step process to get over eating bread please let me know.

What is gluten? Gluten is basically a protein that is in wheat, barley, rye and oats. More simply: anything with flour and beer. Whole Foods has a great article that explains celiac disease. Sally says its not really a disease, it just destroys your small intestine…either way it doesn’t sound promising.

For me going to the grocery store had never been an enjoyable chore, but now that I have to look for gluten free foods its an even more daunting task. I have moments when I want to be lazy and just take out the tortellinis in the fridge for dinner even though the joy will only last for 5 minutes before I get a stomach ache, but then Sally, again the voice of reason, reminds me that she can that me now or she can  slap me later…but it would be an awful decision to eat a flour based food.

The last few weeks have been so strange because I am not really allergic to anything and I basically eat everything, and now I can’t. My doctor doesn’t know why I specifically developed celiac, or some form of it which can’t be fully determined without a biopsy of my intestines, but its probably due to all of the processed food EVERYONE eats today–I was just unlucky, but I’m not alone.

I feared that I would be pulled from my PC assignment, but I was informed by my PC nurse that I am good to go! I am looking forward to lots of fish and fruits!

17 days until I leave…so much to do… I think I will just continue to thinking about skiing and cold weather.


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