The never ending packing process

One thing that is important to remember is that I am MOVING. I have to constantly remind myself of that. I am not going backpacking and jumping from hostel to hostel. But at the same time, I am not moving to college. I am moving to a developing country where I will be living at the same standards as those around me. Makes sense, right? Wrong! I still picture the bush when I think of PC volunteers. But, a few days ago we recieved a lovely document that details how we should dress. For those of you who know me I spend most of my time in sweat pants. I am not a fancy in any way shape or form. I am going as a youth and sport advisor, so in my mind I should be bringing shorts and t-shirts. Again, a completely wrong assumption. So, without making this post as long this packing process has taken, Sally and I went to Target (pronounced with an accent of course) and basically bought me a new wardrobe. Everyone says not to do this because you will only wear 20% of what you bring, but if 80% of what I own is shorts and t-shirts and the other 20% is winter clothing, I needed to spend some money…which of course wasn’t actually my money anyway. THANKS SAL!

So with the clothing situation a little more under control that leaves me with everything else on the 4 page word document that was also sent to us. Now, not all of those things are mandatory, but they are suggestions from past and current volunteers on how to get bring some of the conforts of home with you. The trick is making all of that work is…well probably just to have stuff sent to me as realize I miss it.

I have had some fun with the packing list, though. I mean my checking account is probably not happy, but oh well. I decided to by a slackline. Its a little out of the box, but I figured it could also provide hours of entertainment.

Now the trick is to limit everything that is now covering the pool table into 80lbs and two suit cases.


After…and still below the weight limit!


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