Slackline Success

When my host family came to pick me up from the meeting place in Hellshire they didn’t have a car. I am in the Peace Corps, so it actually surprised me more when some families DID have cars. I was struggling to carry all of my bags at once so Pauline and Dana offered to carry one of my bags—the lighter one, which isn’t really saying much. They each took a handle and basically dragged it down the street. Dana asked if I had a dead dog in my bag, but I shared with her that I have something fun we can play with later. She had no idea what a slackline was but I explained it as a circus line.

We first tried two telephone poles, but they were a bit to far apart. After some consultation with the neighbors we used a tree and a light post. The only real problem was that it had to be set pretty high and if a car needed to pass it had to be taken down. It started out with just Dana, Onellia, and I, but then Luis (another trainee) joined us along with his host family and random kids from around the neighborhood. There were big kids and small kids, by the end a few were able to take steps on their own. There was some added nervousness because in the middle of the line was a huge puddle from the rain the night before. Yay for community building!

As more kids joined it got a bit out of control and there was not a lot of listening so kids were jumping on it to take their turn when other kids were still on it. Luis and I had to stop everyone and set some ground rules but I’m not sure they got through. We plan on setting it up again, but it will probably not be for a few more days and there will definitely be more rules put into place to start.


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