Sexy and we know it…we work out

Working out here is somewhat of a strange phenomenon, so when a large group of white people takes over the soccer field at 6am we definitely get some stares. Our group has naturally divided itself into people who run and those who don’t. I am generally a pretty active person, but running in any way shape or form does not appeal to me.  The hardcore runners did a few runs in Kingston inspired a few of us to try and stay active as well. I have a few yoga dvds loaded on my computer and Ity, Marie, Megan, Pat and I took over our hotel cottage and did an hour of yoga which was probably one of the hottest practices of my life.

Since arriving in Hellshire, more people have joined the workout groups and we alternate days of running and crossfit—which is basically the Insanity/P90X videos. The other day was my first Insanity experience and it was pure cardio. Needless to say I did not make it through the whole session, but, hey, I have to start somewhere.  5:30 seemed extremely early to be dragging myself out of bed, but the cool ocean breeze and the sunrise over the Blue Mountains definitely made the burpies and mountain climbers worth it.


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