The Church Experience

The thing that struck me most about church was that I was under the impression that it was supposed to start at 11am. Me and all of the other PCTs were there promptly at 11 with a few other devout attendees. However, most people didn’t show up until noon. The best way describe the actual services is to compare it to a Baptist service on steroids. There was not just singing and shouts of hallelujah and praise Jesus, but hands raised to the Lord and everyone out of their seats…minus the few children who were passed out.

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There was one woman in the back of the church who seemed to be very angry with the lord and (this is terrible) reminded me of the church scene in Borat.  I think her yelling and violent actions towards the sky are a regular occurrence because everyone else in the church seemed to ignore it. She had her moment with God, and some people need that.

Halfway through the service we were introduced as a new group of PC people. It was pretty exciting because being recognized as a part of the community even though we are only here for a few weeks. Chelsea and Adri, fellow trainees, stood up in front of the congregation and sang Amazing Grace. Props to them because there is no way I could get up in front of a group of people and sing.

Overall the church services was an interesting experience. I don’t think it is something I will do every Sunday. I think some of the messages the Pastor spoke about were good life lessons like not acting like gold when you might only be silver, but you are still just as useful. Writing that now sounds sort of funny, but the way he passive aggressively yelled at us made it enlightening, if you will. Anyway, I think I can continue to lead my life with inspiration from other sources.


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