You can call the white girl Kris

Jamaicans are a very religious people. My religious affiliations only extend as far as my first communion in the 4th grade. If you are a catholic you will notice that I was pretty old for my first communion. Even though my dad was an alter boy and my mother parents still attend church every Sunday, my devoutness only reaches so far.  A major role as a PC volunteer is to integrate ourselves into the community and what better way to do that then attend a church service with our host families. I have accepted the fact that I will never be as well dressed as any of the women here, many of my clothes are new, but they don’t compare to the 6 inch heels these women wear regularly. When I brought out not only the nicest dress I brought to Jamaica, but probably the nicest dress I own I did get a smile from Miss Bailey. That was a good sign. Twenty minutes later Pauline walked in with an iron and “calls for me” by Kristen. At this point OJ has run out of his room yelling “Auntie! You can call the white girl Kris!” A laugh was all I could do to respond. Pauline walked into my room with an iron and says, “do you know how to press?” Apparently Miss Bailey wanted me to iron my dress, but rather than telling me she sent her sister into my room with an iron. #TIJ.


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