Shake ya money mayka

As part of our culture training we took a field trip to University of the West Indies (UWI) to take a dance class. We started the class learning the roots of African Dance. This movement is really about keeping in touch with the earth and was passed on through the slaves. The next movement we learned about was Ska. Ska was popular in the 1950’s after Jamaica’s independence from Brittian. It gained popularity in England and put Jamaica on the world stage as a music power. The next generation of music was Reggae. For anyone who doesn’t live under a rock you know that Reggae doesn’t really have a lot of dance associated with it, it is more of a sway. Today the most popular dance movement is Dance Hall. It was originated in the Dance Halls and is basically sex without your clothes on. If you feel so inclined you can youtube “daggering” but be warned. Here is a video of some of our dancing skills then how it should be done as performed by dancers at UWI.

Keep true ta ya roots!

PS There are pictures on Facebook.


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