The reality of it all

Its crazy to think that I have only been on island a little over two weeks. We are almost completed with out first homestay in Hellshire. On Sunday we move to hub training. The Youth as Promise (YAP) sector goes to a town just north of Kingston. This will be more practical training rather than PC policy, so I’m really excited for that. I am sad/sacred though because even though I have only known the people in my group for a little over two weeks they are my safety net here and on Sunday two-thirds of them go to other towns and we wont see them until May. And that’s when the reality of the next two years really sets in: they slowly separate us until they push us out of the nest into our own communities.

Yesterday we took our Safety and Security test. If you don’t get 100% you have to take it again. I handed mine in fully expecting to have to take it again because although I thought I gave good answers they weren’t exact definitions. Luckily there were bonus questions at the back that allowed you to bump up your score. They saved me and for the first time in my life (that I can remember) I got over 100% and got 106%!!! If only I could have done that through my entire academic career. They take our safety very seriously—so much so that most days they scare us.

On another random note: After our safety test we went into Manor Hill for lunch in the middle of a torrential rain. Miss Bailey reminds me every day to make sure my umbrella is in my bag. Yesterday was the first time that I actually needed in, but my little umbrella wasn’t about to stop me from getting completely soaked. It isn’t supposed to rain this much in March, but now I know that even if I look like a silly American I will have to break out the rain coat AND the umbrella—and perhaps invest in a bigger umbrella.


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