Doing Laundry vs Doing Laundry

I have pretty much been “doing” my own laundry since I was in middle school. I (sometimes) sort by color then throw it into the washing machine. Its runs its course and I switch it to the dryer. “Doing” my laundry here does not resemble that in any way except that Miss Bailey made me separate my lights and darks because once the water gets dirty from the whites it won’t stain the darks. For those of you who have never hand washed your laundry the process is something like this:

  1. Separate whites, darks, and “unmentionables”
  2. Fill a sink and add soap
  3. Let clothes soak
  4. Scrub each item, brush if necessary
  5. Rinse twice and be sure to twist not just squeeze
  6. On second rinse add fabric softener
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to each pile of clothing

Once you are finished washing your clothes you hand them on a line. In Jamaica you never hang your underwear where other people can see them. Miss Bailey was even more picky and made me hang my pants from longest to shortest. That seemed like a bit of a stretch, but then again how often do I hang my clothes to dry? Never. The most ironic thing about doing laundry with Miss Bailey is she uses a washer to clean her clothes! I am already starting to appreciate the modern conveniences of home.

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