Olly olly oxen free

Recap of the last few days:

Saturday we had a party with our host families in Hellshire. It was more of a good luck with new beginnings than a sendoff.

Sunday we left our host stay families in Hellshire and traveled to our sector hubs. The 35 of us became 3 groups of 11, 12, and 12. My group is in a peri-urban community north of Kingston called Stony Hill. My host family seems lovely (more later when I get to know them better). I am staying in my host parents room and they are elsewhere in the house while I am here. I feel a little awkward about it, but I am not their first PCT, so I guess it works for them. I went to church with my host mom after dinner. It was a quick service, only an hour and a half, and they had the words to all of the hymns printed out so I could actually sing along. I also had Daryl (another PCT) there to keep me company so all in all I would say we had a good time.

Monday I was pulled from my host family for security purposes. If you would like to know more about the story feel free to ask, but because this is not a private blog I have to be sensitive with some of the information I share. As amazing as Tensie (our homestay coordinator) is, she was unable to place me in a new home Monday night so I had a sleep over with Marie. How I am going to survive being so far away from her I am not willing to think about yet. Anyway, I stayed with her and her host mom was intrigued by the fact that I can’t eat gluten. She works with a lot of special needs children and many kids with autism are on gluten free diets so she quickly made a bunch of phone calls to see where they get gluten free food. She is still waiting to hear back but I am thrilled!

Tuesday I moved in with my new family! There is a mom, dad, son, and daughter. I struggle to understand my host mom because she always speaks in Patwa, but I guess its just going to force me to learn it quicker. My host brother and sister, Kelly and Mario, and I went to Josh’s house up the road from us and played a combination of hide and seek and flashlight tag with a bunch of other PCTs and their host siblings. I think Kelly and Mario think I am crazy, but they seem genuinely happy to have me.  Bring on the next 5 weeks!

Things I learned today:

I already miss many of my government issued friends.

Check the bottle label before purchase to ensure you aren’t buying unwanted coconut water instead of regular water.

I am not the worst singer in church.


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