Suga, Suga

“Tun yu han mek fashion” is a Jamaican proverb meaning do what you can with what you have.

At some point during the third period of the BC- Minnesota Frozen Four game on ESPN my host brother and I lost interest in the 6-1 game. (Yes, appreciate the ridiculousness of watching ESPN while serving in the Peace Corps.) I am not really sure why Kelly and I decided to make sugar cookies. We spent the afternoon looking up places to buy the necessary ingredients to make gluten free pizza this weekend. Mind you its Easter weekend so the already limited stores instantly become more limited. Anyway, we decided to make sugar cookies.  We had flour, eggs, baking powder. We needed vanilla, sugar, butter, and baking soda. This is where the proverb comes into play. We found enough brown sugar to make the cookies; easy fix. Ity lives across the street from me so we called her up and she asked her host mom for vanilla and baking soda. Kelly made fun of me because she said neighbors only call each other in the movies, no one actually goes next door and asks for flour. Ity had vanilla, so we found one more of the missing ingredients. We also found some margarine. Let me tell you: margarine cannot substitute butter in sugar cookies. Writing this I know there are a few people (ie Sally) thinking “DUH KRIS.” Well, it took me the first 23 years of my life to learn that. Sorry. It was Kelly and Mario’s first time eating sugar cookies, so they had no real issue with them. Who doesn’t love a ball of sugar?  I think we need to try it again with the proper ingredients, but it was fun trying “fi mek fashion”.

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