Jamaica Bucket List

We have a long weekend because of Good Friday and Easter and I have had more time than I know what to do with. We generally sit in training all day then hang out with our host families, so its been nice to sit down and do nothing for a bit. In that nothingness (with some help from Marie, obviously) we decided to create a Jamaica Bucket List of all of the things we would like to do here in the next two years. Whoever wants to come visit and do some of these things with me is more than welcome!

In no particular order:

  1. Rick’s Cafe Negril
  2. Hike Blue Mountain and watch the sunrise
  3. Hollywell Park and New Castle
  4. Go parasailing
  5. Go Scuba diving
  6. Attend the Reggae Man Marathon
  7. Watch the Pushcart Derby
  8. Go to one of Joan’s live shows
  9. Drive
  10. Marley Museum
  11. Reggea Boys (national team) football game
  12. Lime Caye
  13. Eat at Port Royal
  14. Attend a Crickett match
  15. Play Crickett
  16. James Bond beach
  17. Lovers Leap and Treasure Beach
  18. Runaway Bay
  19. Port Antonio and Reach Falls
  20. Raft the Cabarita River
  21. Learn to sail then sail the Antilles
  22. Blue Lagoon
  23. Dunn’s River Falls
  24. Eat Lion fish
  25. Devon House I Scream
  26. Swim with dolphins
  27. Sumfest
  28. Jazz & Blue Fest
  29. Try Scotch Bonnett
  30. Drink Red Stripe
  31. Go to the Red stripe factory
  32. Play steel drums
  33. Poled bamboo rafting
  34. Appleton rum factory tour

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