The Ingredients for Life

Like the good Catholic I am not I went to church on Easter. I also went for Good Friday, which makes church 2 times in 3 days. Sometimes I impress myself. Anyway, as a part of the service on Easter, there was also a wedding. I was not expecting to see a wedding or be a part of their special day, but I live in the land of the completely unexpected. The pastor gave them the three ingredients for life which I really liked because even though they had a heavily religious undertone, I felt like they hold true for the nonreligious way I like to live my life. The three ingredients are salt, pepper, and honey.

Honey: Life’s sweet moments. When everything is great and you are truly happy to be alive.

Salt: Life can’t always be sweet. There are going to be bad moments, but you have to dance through them and forget the things that don’t matter.

Pepper: With all good and bad there can be anger and fear. You have to trust yourself and those around you. Never give up and work toward more honey moments.

I think his advice staying with me so deeply because since moving to Jamaica those high moments are really high and those low moments seem to be really low. There haven’t been many low moments yet, but most days I wake up and think “Holy crap I live in Jamaica.”


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