Happy One Month!

Well the good news is I won’t be medically separated from the Peace Corps! I went to the orthopedic doctor in Kingston a few days early because the initial soft cast/back slab that had been put on was crooked and hurting my wrist. He looked at the x-ray and told me that I had a spiral fracture. I obviously knew it was broken, but it was reassuring to know that this specific type of break does not need surgery. He put me directly in a hard cast, which I will be in for the next 4 weeks.

I had an x-ray taken after he put the cast on to make sure that the bones were in place. I asked if they had any cool colors, but they only had white so we are in the process of decorating it!

Last night I made a video to celebrate one month of being in Jamaica. I can’t believe its already been a month, but I also feel like I have known these people forever!


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