Pon di ridum

This afternoon I learned that my fellow life skills advisors and I don’t really have rhythm. We went into Kingston to work with Rise Life Management. There were about 30 kids ages 9-14. We weren’t in a large space, but we started playing name games and ice-breakers. One little boy belted out a Justin Beiber song, while others showed us their best dance moves.  They were all fascinated with my cast and kept pulling on my fingers. I don’t think they made the connection that a broken bone in my hand would also impact my fingers and vise-versa. It went from politely asking to no touch my cast to demanding they keep their distance from Miss Kristen. Claire had a similar experience with her long brown hair. All of the girls kept touching it and asking her if it was real.

After about an hour we broke up into 3 smaller groups. Jedd and I led a group through the name game where you have to use and adjective that starts with the sound of your name. I was Krazy Kristen and he was Jumping Jedd. At first they had a hard time with it, but once they were able to come up with some they enjoyed it. Our group was mostly girls and when they heard Beautiful Brittany of Amazing Amanda and others calling them that their faces lit up. We also asked them to share a game with us. The game was called “Pon di Ridum” (On the Rhythm), you had to clap and sing. The song went something like this:

Narrartor: Pon di Ridum…Kris

Kris: Oy!

Narrator: Who yuh luv?

Kris: Jedd

Narrator: Jedd…Who yuh luv?

…and so on

The trick is to do it on the rhythm. Jedd and I didn’t really get it so the group gave up on us. Jedd was determined to learn so we trying playing it in the car on the way home….we did not do so well.

What I learned today:

Showering with one hand is not fun.

I miss eating Jolly Ranchers.

Kids in large numbers are exhausting.


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