Rainy Days

It seems like it has rained a lot since we got to Stony Hill. It started again yesterday when we were outside learning and playing games to do with kids. It was awesome to be outside and running around, but the rain had to ruin our fun.

Today it poured all day and I’m so happy about it. It gave me an excuse to sit inside an do nothing all day. After my late night trip to the ER in Kingston to get my cast removed so I didn’t completely lose the feeling in my thumb, I woke up completely congested. Can’t win. I tried to make a little effort to do something, so Kelly and I made homemade pizza and invited Ity over. I must confess it wasn’t gluten free and I had a few pieces anyway.

After that we found and NCIS marathon on TV. I am almost ashamed to think about how many episodes we watched, but sometimes you just need those days.

I have high hopes for this upcoming week. I go to the doctor again on Monday to get something put on my hand. It is currently unprotected and I’m pretty nervous to do anything with my left hand. After the doctor I get to take public transportation to shadow a current volunteer for a few days. Hopefully I don’t get lost.


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