As a part of our training experience we get to go visit current volunteers in their communities to see what they are doing. In theory we are there for about three days but because I had to go to the doctor late Monday afternoon I only really got to spend Tuesday in Ewarton. I shadowed Mark who is technically an environment volunteer, but has a lot of involvement with sports in Jamaica. I am just going to go ahead and share his blog with you: Lovin’ It In Ewarton. He works with a community organization called ECODAC.

Mark in action

I think we talked more about his environmental projects than sports, but it was just nice to see what PC life is like rather than creating my own reality. I find myself trying to picture how I am going to use all of the information we get in training and I had no prior image of what that should look like. I am still very unsure of what I will be doing so the image in my head is still very made up, but at least there is some truth to it now.

Because Mark is obviously a guy I wasn’t allowed to stay with him. I stayed with a host family down the street. They were amazing people. It was a beautiful two story house on a pretty large piece of land. We walked around after dinner and she had every fruit and vegetable tree I could possibly imagine. She let me pick mangos and cherries off the trees and try them. It was really cool to learn about all of the trees and how to prepare all of the food. I mentioned that I had never tried bami or passion fruit and she made them for me for breakfast the next day.

JJ and Mrs Stennets
Ackee and Passion Fruit
My glass at dinner. Amazing for so many reasons.

I didn’t sleep last night because I was having muscle spasms in my arm and my fingers were really hurting. I took some pain killers to try and help but when I came out of my room this morning she saw the pain in my face. My hair was a mess and its really hard for me to do with a cast. She gave me a big hug and asked for my brush. She brushed my hair and put it in a pony tail for me. I cried because that was the only reaction I could come up with after no sleep and so much frustration. My travel back to Kingston I was showed the same amazing Jamaican hospitality. I was offered seats on the bus and wasn’t super “smalled up” on the coaster van. I appreciate the people whose small gestures make up for the larger negative moments.


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