Chalk it up to a cultural experience

Calibar High School is one of the premier high schools in Jamaica. This year they won Champs, the national track competition, and School Trivia Challenge. I thought VMS had a lot of school spirit, but this school is cultish. On Sunday night a few of us had the opportunity to go to a choir concert at their school featuring choirs from around the island. Now, when we talk about a school concert we think of 2 hours tops with singing and dancing. This was not that. It lasted nearly 6 hours and included primary school students, high school students, police officers, and parents. It was also very religious, which is apparently different from other, more secular years. By the closing prayer (a Jamaican custom) only a quarter of the people remained in the chapel where the event was held. I did my best to take short videos of all of the acts, but after the second hour I sort of lost interest. Here is what Marie and I came up with….


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