It’s May already?

It’s hard to even imagine where the last 7 weeks have gone. We leave Stony Hill on Sunday for Kingston where we will get our site assignments. Some people in our group have an idea of where they will be going and the type of organizations they will be working with. I am still completely in the dark. We have been told to trust the system and I am trying my best to do that. It is not easy. To keep in perspective I think about the application process. I was nominated to go to sub-Saharan African in June 2011. Here I am in Jamaica in 2012.

This week is flying by. We have all been keeping ourselves busy trying to spend as much time with each other as we can before we go to our sites and have a lot of alone time.  On Sunday, Marie and I went to Strawberry Hill. It is a Hotel and Spa owned my Chris Blackwell, the man who produced Bob Marley. It was unbelievably beautiful. In one direction the infinity pool over looked Kingston and in another it overlooked the Blue Mountains. We decided it is the perfect wedding location…now to find grooms.

Tuesday we branched out and went out for Mexican food. It was a much needed break from rice and peas. They had a sweet 90s music mix playing which made it that much more amazing.

I went into the doctor’s office today to get my cast removed. I was SO excited. You cannot imagine. The warmer the weather gets here the more my arm sweats and, well you can use your imagination. But NO! I walk in and the doctor asked me what was bothering me and I told him I was there to get it off. He looked at me like I had 5 heads and told me I don’t get it off until the 24th. I had written down the 4th. Shattered dreams. I am not sure my cast is going to go with my swearing in dress.

I am sad to leave Stony Hill. I am going to miss my host family, and the closeness of my fellow YAP trainees. I am nervous about going back with the other 20 or so members of our group, but I think it will be refreshing to see different familiar faces.

What I learned this week:

You can use baking soda and dish soap to clean a stove.

Its really hard to approach random people on the street and talk to them about safe sex.

I rather enjoy writing letters. 🙂


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