Another end, Another Beginning

Today we pack our bags again and go back into Kingston where we join the other two sector groups. In true Yappy Vybz (our nickname for YAP, Youth As Promise) form we celebrated 5 weeks of hard work.

We spent Friday morning at Devon House recapping our time during hub training. It’s still crazy to think that its over. There were definitely some moments where I felt like I had been here for years, but others fly by and its hard to keep track of time. Claire, Marie, and I made a quick stop at the wine store before we headed back to Stony Hill. They had some pretty good Malbec’s that I will have to try at some point, but they are not currently in my budget. That’s not to say they are expensive by US standards, but I live in Jamaican dollars on a Peace Corps budget.

Ity’s host mom graciously allowed all of us, and our host families, to use her house to celebrate. Each of the families brought a dish to eat. The food was wonderful! As much as I am excited to cook my own food and not eat chicken foot soup, it’s hard to pass up a good home-cooked meal.

After we ate, Chantal’s host dad got us all out on the dance floor. He played some throw-back songs from the Macarena to Cotton-Eyed Joe. Everyone, young and old, got up and danced.

It was nice to spend some time with my host family outside of our house, too. Its really interesting because we all live so close to each other, but most of our host families don’t know each other.

Tomorrow I find out where I am going to spend the next two years. SO EXCITED!


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