Site Orientation

I really had no idea where I was going to be placed. I tried to stay away from expectations because I didn’t want to get my hopes up and not have them met. I am really excited to be in Morant Bay and working with the St. Thomas Football Association (FA). My role is to create a grassroots league for young girls. I think they have more faith in me than I have in myself to actually sustainably accomplish it, but if it works out I am told it will be a model the Jamaican Football Federation (JFF) will use in other parishes. I suppose you could say the pressure is on.

On my first official day of orientation we went to a football match between York United, the team from St. Thomas, and Exchange United, a team from St. Mary. It was interesting to watch because the fans seemed to be more into the game than the players. That’s not to say its comparable to European firms, but there were a lot of Patwa swear words…the ones we have been warned about. Our team ended up winning 3-1 and they travel to Portland to play on Sunday.

My flat is quite large and sparsely furnished. At some point I will work on hanging all the post cards that have been sent to me and some of the other random things I brought with me.

Living Room
My House

I had to break out the mosquito net because my bathroom doesn’t have a screen and my landlord/host mom’s garden seems to be a breeding ground for mosquitos. She is a lovely old lady. She spent 30 years living in England, and now has some pretty negative views of Jamaica. She is nice and very welcoming, but I am glad I get my own space.

I tried out for the parish women’s football team. Having not touched a soccer ball in who knows how long, it was interesting playing against the Jamaican men (we played boys v. girls). Many of the girls (women?) on the team have very limited experience and the skills they have attained are from pick-up games, so its pretty scrappy. I hope that as a part of my development on the younger girls league I can work with my teammates on the fundamentals of the game.


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