The art of spontaneity

To put it in perspective Jamaica is roughly the size of Connecticut. So, on Friday when I was making yet another trip into Kingston to go to yet another doctor’s appointment it wasn’t so crazy that Marie suggested I just hop on another bus and make the trek to May Pen. We both had to laugh about it because other than getting a new tooth brush from one of the PCMOs I was completely unprepared to spend the night anywhere other than my own house.

The doctor was relatively uneventful, you could say. After being put in ineffective medications for a UTI, I am now being tested for a kidney infection. After over a month of this particular illness (broken hand aside), I am officially tired of being sick.

I got a ride to May Pen with one of the PCJ staff members who also lives out there. Marie just moved into her permanent homesite. We spent most of Friday night watching the 4th season of True Blood. Saturday was quite a bit more eventful. We met up with some Group 81 volunteers in Mandeville. Basically we sat at a bar in the middle of the day and just hung out. The bartender looked at me funny when I kept ordering Cranberry Water and 3 Red Stripes. In the afternoon we went to the Custis of Clarendon’s house in May Pen. I was informed that a Custis is appointed to carry out work for the Governor General in each of the parishes. He has taken Marie under his wing (in a non political way) and invited us to his daughter’s birthday party. We walked in and laughed because it was your typical college age party with beer pong and flip cup set up. This was also the first time since coming to Jamaica that I have been at a non-PC event and been surrounded by white people. We still felt very out of place, but found some friends and had a good conversation about our role as volunteers and an impressive conversation about HIV/Aids. Marie and I high-fived ourselves for that one. Tony (our HIV trainer) would be proud!

Sunday I traveled back to Morant Bay all by myself! This was the first time that I have really had to take public on my own. Every other time I go somewhere I feel like I get rides. It was a little nerve wracking trying to find where I got the bus to St. Thomas once I got to Kingston because its not actually within the bus park, but eventually I found it. Public doesn’t run on a schedule though. Busses and taxis leave once they have filled the seats…and by fill the seats I really mean fit 4 full grown people in the back of a taxi or 6 people in a space meant for 4 in a coaster. Someday I will take a picture to attempt to do a justice because words can not describe how close you are to the people around you. Especially when its hot and the HUGE lady next to you falls asleep on your shoulder.

Here is a map of my travels this weekend. From now on I am going to keep my tooth brush in my backpack just in case I find myself on a random coaster to another part of the island.


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