During training someone asked out PC Volunteer Leader (PCVL) Adam what his favorite thing about Jamaica is. His response was the taxis. His justification for his answer was that a taxi can get you anywhere you want to go on the island. This is true even for the deepest bush.

This weekend the 4 female volunteers in St. Thomas got together at Sarah Marshall’s house. She is a group 82 volunteer who lives in Somerset. The town that I live in is like New York City compared to her town. The plus side of that is that she knows everyone and is super integrated into her community.

I met Briana and Jackie in York. I was there for a football match so I just waiting on the side of the road until their taxi came by. We were a bit worried that I wouldn’t fit, but when they drove up the 12 other school children assured me that there was enough room. Jackie ended up sitting on my lap and some random boy sat on Briana. I hope you are getting the picture now that safety isn’t really a concern and 18 people in a 12 passenger vehicle is completely normal.  It’s funny to me, though, that the first person to get out is always at the back, so everyone piles out for that person, then piles back in.

We met Sarah down the road from her house. It’s a single lane road at the bottom of a lush green valley. There is a river that runs through the town. When we walked up to her house she introduced us to everyone as the new volunteers in St. Thomas. A few of them recognized me from the Grassroots festival a few weeks ago. It was strange.  Sarah bought us a chicken and tons of vegetables for dinner. It basically became a Mexican meal with chips, chicken, cheese, and homemade salsa. Jackie convinced Sarah to make a cake, so we had that too. Jackie made up for the cake that I couldn’t eat.

Yummy but super spicy salsa
Sarah skinning the chicken
Briana, Sarah, Sharlon, and Jackie
Me, Jackie, and Briana…testing the weight limit

Saturday Briana, Sarah, and I walked up to the end of the road to an area called Big Stick and baked by the river all day. I was SO HAPPY! The water was clear and cool and it was just like being at home.

I actually put on a lot of sunscreen, but to say I got sunburnt would be an understatement.


Things I learned today:

It’s the same price to go to Somerset as it is to Kingston….I think I’ll go to Somerset.

You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but not Kentucky out of the girl.

White people are the only people fazed by nearly killing a dog or a goat in the process of avoiding a pothole.

Banana-Almond Butter Smoothies are awesome.


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