Lets talk about food

I love food. That is not a secret. So, when a huge portion of the foods that make me happy started making me sick, I had a to make a huge adjustment. I go back and for about the timing of finding out I can’t eat gluten. In some ways finding out right before moving to Jamaica was a good thing because my diet was going to change anyway. The diet here is high in starches (potatoes, rice, beans), but equally as many products contain wheat. Think about what you typically eat for breakfast. Cereal is a simple enough example. Next time you go to the grocery store look at the label and see if your “corn flakes” contain any wheat or other grains. In the US, they may not, but here in the land of MSG, most cereals do. So, I end up eating lots of eggs, but no bacon because it’s expensive. My life is a little bit like the Hunger Games, except I’m not living in the future and I’m not actually in arena fighting for my life. BUT, if I wish hard enough a little silver parachute drops from the sky with gluten free pancake mix or Annie’s snicker doodle cookies or pomegranate chocolate balls. Of course its not actually a silver parachute, it’s a USPS box that cost more to ship than the content inside, but its like those MasterCard commercials: Gluten Free Cookies: $5, Shipping: $65, Sanity: Priceless.

Trusty New Blender

I bought a new (so far) trusty blender last week for $2,500J. If all goes well it will last me two years. So far I have successfully made smoothies with bananas and almond butter and bananas and yogurt. I had an unsuccessful attempt at making a mango smoothie. There are more types of mangoes here than I ever knew existed, and the one I tried it with was an East Indian mango, which is really stringy. So, when I blended it up all the strings were still there and it was really gross. I had to try!

Things I learned today:

My taxi driver’s name is Big Dread. He is, in fact, very large and has long dreads.

I can read a 250+ page book in a day.

I almost miss Joel Robinowitz as a soccer coach.


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