A walk (but really two taxi rides) to work

Claire, another YAP volunteer, came to stay with me over the weekend and we were talking about how our sites are different geographically. We realized that its really hard to explain what its like in different areas because there are so many similarities that the differences almost don’t make sense. I decided to take pictures of the places I go on a regular basis to give an idea of what its like in Morant Bay.

This is the road outside my house. Its about a 6 minute walk from my house to the main road where I get a taxi into the Bay.

Queen Street. This is the main road through the Bay. The sides of the streets are usually packed with vendors or people just hanging out and the streets are packed with taxis.
Morant Bay Market. Inside the Market is where I buy my fruits and vegetables. There are tons of of ladies selling the same products. I have been introduced to a few of the woman and they don’t give me jacked up prices like some of the other people try to do.
Produce stand. This isn’t the person I normally go to, but it gives an idea of where I buy my vegetables. They aren’t sold in the grocery stores, but there are tons of vendors on the street or within the market.
Joong Supermarket. Its great because it has pretty much everything you need or would want. The downside to that is I can find a lot of American products, but they are really expensive and not exactly in my budget.
The Football Association office. It is literally this little room in the upstairs of a building. It’s not technically my office, but I spend a lot of time there with Nadine (in the picture) because she knows about EVERYTHING.

It has been almost 6 weeks since I was officially sworn in as a volunteer. There have been certainly been some low moments, but overall I am adjusting well and getting to know people. I hope to do a post about the highs, lows, and in betweens soon. I am in Kingston for the week participating in the FIFA Women’s Coaching course. I am really excited for it because I have a feeling I will end up doing a lot of technically coaching over the next few years. I have already been asked to put together an under-15 female team for the Parish!



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