Right to Brag

*Prompted by The Daily Post*

I don’t consider myself a particularly creative person, but last week I collaborated with my friend Sally to help her give her adventure travel business a little more credibility. Technically the business was started in 2002 when she started teaching people to SCUBA. She has been running trips through the business, but really it wasn’t any more than “come on fun trips with Sally.” Last week on a bike ride (they do say exercise is the best time to think) we came up with the idea to brand her adventures and her business. So begins the evolution of Safari League. 

Our goal was not to create this huge company with employees and documented marketing plan, but more of a fly by the seat of our pants and channel our social media addictions into something useful.

The “plan” was pretty simple: create a logo, find some followers on Facebook, and make #explorewithsally a thing on Instagram.

Sally created a logo contest on 99Designs. we had some great design entries, so we held a contest of Facebook with our top 5 favorites:


The contest lasted a day, and we had an overwhelming vote for the design that also happened to be our favorite:



With our simple design we were able to create pages for Safari League and start to get a following. This was a big win for because no one knows I am behind it. That might seem strange, but sometimes its fun to be anonymous. Last winter I was the person behind a Facebook page for my job at the time and once people found out it was me comments and questions were directed at me (not negative, just by name). The thing about Safari League is that many of the followers are people who don’t know me, but have commented to Sally about how much they love and how they need to do something similar with their companies. Plus there are almost 200 followers in four days. That is a good feeling. Maybe small business consulting is in my future!

On a shameless note: Don’t forget to follow Safari League on Facebook and Instagram!



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