Tears of Laughter

Earlier in July, one of the Daily Post prompt questions said, “What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?” At the time, I couldn’t come up a memory of a REALLY good laugh. That laugh so hard that nothing comes out but tears roll down your eyes. Of course I have had those laughs, but I couldn’t remember the context, so there wasn’t really a great story to tell.

The other night I had been invited to my friend Karlie‘s house to have dinner with her and her family before she left for Tanzania for a community service trip with the Children’s Global Alliance. Dinner with Karlie’s family is always full of laughs. Everyone has a story they want to share, but there are so many interruptions or other sarcastic comments they never really get finished. At some point in the evening we got on the topic of “where are they now?” Karlie and I met in the 5th grade and have grown closer and closer over the years; however, in high school, when I started attending the Vail Mountain School, I lost touch with may of my classmates who continued on to Battle Mountain High School.

Through our web of stories, I recognized many of the names, but couldn’t connect them with faces, so Karlie ran upstairs and grabbed her middle school yearbooks. Let me tell you, looking at pictures from the 6th grade was MORTIFYING. Now, I have never been “skinny,” but I was definitely chubby in middle school. The worst part about seeing those pictures though was remembering the HORRIFIC wardrobe I had.  I commend my dad for raising me as a strong and independent woman, but dad, how could you let me to go middle school wearing cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt?! If I had grown up anywhere but Vail, Colorado my life would have been completely ruined simply because of the clothes I wore. Karlie was far for stylish in a black polo with leopard-print collar. Thinking about it now though, our wardrobes aren’t much better: yoga pants and t-shirts. To give us a little credit, we do clean up well when we need to!

Summit of Grey's Peak, 2013
Summit of Gray’s Peak, 2013

After the trip down memory lane through photos we started reading all of them comments in her yearbook. They were as amazing as you probably remember yours:

Have a good summer! – Julia

LLYS (Love you like a sister) – Kelsey

You’re Aweome! – John

Then there was mine: It took up and ENTIRE page.

HAVE FUN IN THE SUN! Call me sometime! 476-XXXX

The best part about adding phone numbers, is that it was my home phone number. That was before every child was handed cell phone in kindergarden. What?! There was life before cell phones? I mean, obviously I remember being young without a cell phone, but to look back and think about writing my home phone in someones yearbook made us laugh for a solid 10 minutes.

In the age of Facebook and social media, it is quite easy to feel connected to people near and far. However, there are so many memories not captured and stored digitally and those are often the moments that make us the sum of who we are. It was great to reminisce about the good old days of middle school and I truly can not think of a better way to spend a Friday night than with friends and roaring laughter.



2 thoughts on “Tears of Laughter

  1. I cant stop laughing.. I have that vision of you wearing that shirt. You thought you were snappy..It wasn’t that bad!! LOL…

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