International Convention

If you’re going to work hard your entire life, you might as well work for something you own.

In my post Fearless Fantasies, I wrote about starting a business and how my fears hold me back. In reality, my fears are my excuse. Over the weekend I attended Market America‘s International Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina. Convention is a weekend packed full of trainings, product launches, and success stories. They are an opportunity to network with other business owners and remind yourself why you got into the business.

Fat Joe!

Each event has their own take aways, this weekend I had two little “nuggets” that keep coming to mind:

First, there are well known celebrities establishing their businesses because they see the value in a leveraged income.

Fat Joe!
Fat Joe!

Lala Anthony (Carmelo Anthony’s wife) has designed an incredibly successful cosmetics line. Scottie Pippen worked with doctors to create a joint formula for athletes. Jamie Foxx, J-Lo, and Fat Joe have all established their own businesses because they see the power of a leveraged income. But, what makes their involvement in our company so exciting is our ability to relate to them. Fat Joe, a rapper know around the world got up and stage and said to 30,000 people, “Everyone thinks you’re crazy when you start this business, but you know whats crazy? Lisa Grant‘s husband is a pilot, and she bought him a plane.” Hearing him say that people think he is crazy was a huge relief. He has the same struggle, but no matter what you do you have to work hard.

The second nugget is that just because one way didn’t work, doesn’t mean the business doesn’t work. I love the health and wellness products I take. I have tried to be successful in retailing those products, but I don’t feel like I know enough to be successful in the long run. Last weekend we heard a lot about a product line called MA Web Centers. You may recall that when I restarted this blog I worked with my friend Sally (post) and helped her brand her company and launch her digital media. That process got me really excited and I think that business consulting is ultimately a better fit for me. So, I have decided to see where I can go with MA Web Centers and help small businesses leverage the power of the internet!

Whats next? Our next major event is in Miami in February and my business partners and I have committed to make our excuses the exact reasons we need to succeed. We have all committed to complete the President’s Challenge, a combination of learning, recruiting, and retailing. I have also committed to completing the Web Centers challenge, which means I need to sell TEN websites in the next six months. So, shameless request: do you need or know someone who could benefit from a better online presence? Send them my way!

My final take away (yes, I know that makes three) from this weekend: Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.

Awesome weekend. Amazing business partners. Lets do this!IMG_4266


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