I don’t know.

As rafting season winds down and the talk of winter picks up conversations start about jobs for the winter. Most of the people I currently work with will go back to ski patrol, many of my friends will go back to ski school, and me? I don’t know. And the best part is: I’m completely ok with it. It has taken me months to be ok with the huge unknown that begins in a few weeks, but all in all my anxiety around it is under control.

Last Spring I decided I was time away to move from the mountains and see what opportunities Denver has for me. At the time, I had secured a job with Bravo! Vail, the classical music festival in Vail, but after a few months I realized it was not the job for me (we’ll leave it at that). I reached out to my old boss at Lakota Guides and he offered me a position working in the office taking reservations. I immediately accepted and have been drivin busses for trips ever since. Makes sense right? Well, when I was 19, after my freshman year of college I decided to get a commercial drivers license and have randomly just kept it. Turns out it comes in handy when you work for a raft company. When I tell people I work for a rafting company they automatically assume I guide on the river, but unfortunately because I my back I get the less glamorous job of driving the bus. It’s been an amazing summer, though! I spend every day outside with funny, good spirited people.

So, here we are, the middle of August. Students are starting to go back to school and it’s a new beginning for a lot of us. All I know is that I have committed to moving to Denver. My good friend, Kate, who has seen my struggles both physically and emotionally over the last few years has graciously offered a room in her house until I can find a job and get my feet on the ground. Her and her husband Mark just purchass a fixer-upper, so I imagine “rent free” just means manual labor. But hey, Mark is a great cook so I know I won’t starve!

I have no idea what’s coming next, and it’s all going to be ok!


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