Road Trip!

Earlier this summer, on a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, I purchased an annual National Parks Pass. Since May, I have known that I would have some unemployed time in September and October. I mean, I had hoped I would get a job, but the reality was that I would get some time to do a little road trip. For years I have wanted to drive Highway 1 up the coast of California, but unfortunately  my finances won’t allow for that. No complaints, though,  my friend Sally and I are on our way out the door for a pretty sweet trip through the National Parks in Utah! 1907846_10203245707798431_4430143661235601598_n

We packed up our bikes and camping gear and hit the road. Since the Parks Pass is already paid for, we have the ability to make this trip relatively inexpensive. Our hope is that the weather stays warm enough to camp at each park and make our own meals. After a very cold and rainy August here in Happy Valley, I am super excited to spend a week in the desert!

If anyone has some must see or do items please comment below!

Inspired by Daily Post: Road Tripping


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