I like to ride my bike.

I like to ride my bike, and yesterday I got to ride it a lot! Sally and I broke down our campsite and made our way into the town of Moab. There are a ton of bike shops, but I had been into Poison Spider Bikes before, so we decided to stop in there for some trail advice. We explained that we had ridden the North Klondike and Brand trails and were hoping for something similar ability wise. One of the guys recommended Hymasa as the next step up. Ha! Yeah. Right. I’ve never ridden Hymasa or Captain Ahab, but I know people who do and it is way above my ability level.

Instead, we made our $2 donation to the Moab Trails Alliance and got a map for the North Klondike Bluff. We were assured that the new trails out there would not disappoint. The trails were great! The terrain varies between slick rock, dirt, and sand. Some sections are more technical and others are just good leg burners. As always, Moab knows how to show you a good time!

For the last leg of our trip we decided to stop in Fruita for lunch and a quick ride in an area called 18 Road. To be on the safe side, we stopped in a local bike shop called Over the Edge to get some trail suggestions. This time around we gave a more reserved description of our riding abilities so that we didn’t end up somewhere we didn’t want to be. The guy at the shop assured us that no matter what trail we chose to ride we would be able to get down, even if we had to walk a little. As the sun started to set we made our way up a trail called Prime Cut. The trail itself wasn’t terrible difficult, but we were tired and the sun was hot. After the two mile climb, it was all fun downhill from there! We chose a trail called PBR, adequedly named for all of the pumps, bumps, and rollers that make this trail a zippy downhill!

I can’t think of a better way to have ended our five day adventure! We spent a lot of time in the car, and a lot of time with each other, but it was worth ever mile.

I’m excited to be home for a few days, to sleep in my own bed and the other comforts of home. Monday I head towards Utah again for our end of the season Lakota trip on through Westwater Canyon!


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