I’ve been struggling for the last few days trying to write a blog post about the last month. It doesn’t feel like a lot has happened, but in the grand scheme of things, some pretty big things have happened. Rather than trying to form sentences and paragraphs about everything thats happened–because thats where I’ve been getting caught up– I just decided to make a list. So here goes…

1. I moved out of my awesome apartment in Eagle-Vail with the best roommates I could ask for into a 5×10 storage unit in Denver. I didn’t have my own place to live and didn’t want to clutter my friend Kate’s under construction house. Its kind of freeing to know that I really don’t own that much stuff.

IMG_00492. The job hunt continues. I have sent out my resume to more places that I can even remember. I’ve sent it to places looking to hire, and some places I think would just be interesting to work. Originally, I was looking for marketing and communications, but also decided to apply to gyms and restaurants. I interviewed with three gyms in Boulder and 4 restaurants in Denver. Without getting into the frustration of the job search, I accepted a front desk job at a gym called Mountains Edge Fitness. Its a quirky little place on the first floor of an old hotel–and I make $8.50 an hour. Needless to say, I am still searching for something that pays a livable wage.


3. I have been able to pick up some odd jobs on Craigslist. I’ve accidentally applied to somethings that are sketchy, because sometimes its hard to tell. I did find one gig that was pretty cool though! It was a PE conference for Colorado gym teachers. I helped one of the vendors called “Riglets,” It is a program partnered with Burton Snowboards to bring “snowboarding” into schools. It teaches the basic skills of snowboarding an encourages activity through individual sports–which is unique because PE is traditionally oriented towards team sports. 10182013_rothphoto_snow_show_web-4906

4. My friend Tom converted an old school bus into an RV, so he’s been letting me stay in there. It definitely has its quirks, but its better than sleeping on a couch every night. I don’t have a fridge, but I have a stove, so I am still able to eat “at home” and not have to worry about spending a ton eating out. Its a funny situation, but its all working out. Next week I move into my own apartment in Boulder. Its a one bedroom way above my price range, but my mental health trumped the budget for the time being. 10472812_10152834075217578_4388870722691370096_o

4. I’ve been trying to stay active and enjoy the nice fall weather while we still have it. I haven’t made too many friends because between work and driving to Nederland (where the bus is) I don’t get out a ton. I do hang out with Hugo, Tom’s dog, quite a bit. He is awesome.


If you count that I have a job and a roof over my head in a totally new place, I am doing pretty well. For the time being I am just trying to ignore the fact that my job pays very little and my house costs a lot. It’s not easy, but its working out. The anxiety that I have now will be very short lived compared to the constant anxiety I would have had if I had stayed at my job at Vail, and thats what I have to keep reminding myself.


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