‘Tis the Ski-son

Vail opens on Friday for its 52nd season and I’m…. indifferent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always an exciting time of year. Friends come back from wherever the summer took them, the snow makes everything look different, and it usually marks the beginning of a new adventure. This year, though, it’s all different. I know the season is starting because there are a gajilion posts on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Strategic marketing or not, anticipation for Vail opening has grown with the opening of A-basin, Keystone, and Breck in consecutive weekends. I will be in Vail for opening day, I took a part time job selling tickets, but I don’t plan on skiing. The idea of being on the mountain, on limited terrain with extremely variable conditions not only disinterests me, it terrifies me. The amount of out of control idiots has grown to outrageous numbers over the last few years, and I want no part of that.

There was a time when opening day was the best day of the year. In high school, we had finals just before Thanksgiving to mark the end of the first trimester. All of the members of telemark team would coordinate schedules so we could catch the 12:17 bus from East Vail to Vail Village and ski with all of the other crazies who HAD to ski on opening day.

Now, though, I am sort of dreading being a weekend warrior. Being one of those cars stuck in traffic Friday night on the way up to the mountains and Sunday afternoon on the way home. That’t not me. I’ve made fun of those people my whole life. I guess things are different now. I have lived away from home before, but I always had a yearning to be in Vail. To be on the mountain with my friends. This time its different. I am excited about living in a new place, meeting people I never would have thought to connect with, and continuing this crazy adventure of “big” city living….

So, CHEERS! To another ski season, to being a weekend warrior, and to MAYBE getting a few good power days in!


Inspired by The Daily Post: Salad Days


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