Race Through Time

Its hard to explain how watching someone else get their head shaved is emotional, but it is. I know this because I watched my friend Kate shave off all of her hair in support of cancer. Every year a number of employees from Habitat for Humanity- Metro Denver raise money for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation– a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers.The event its self is quite an experience–hundreds of bald people of all ages walking around, and even more waiting to get their hair shaved off. Throughout the day cancer survivors, doctors, nurses, and families talk about their journeys, and it is impossible not to get teary. Their stories of survival and loss are moving and inspiring, and its easy to see why this event draws so many people and is able to raise an incredible amount of money.

I am told that having a bald head is a pretty funny feeling, and sort of chilly with a high chance of sunburn, but for now I still have a full head of hair. Maybe next year….

IMG_1618We have also decided to make this weekend an annual event of head shaving on Friday night, and a marathon run on Saturday at the Race through Time marathon and half marathon in Salida. Salida is an awesome, quaint mountain town in the middle of Colorado. Its hands down one of my favorite places. I think about what life would be like to live there, but I think I love it because its always been a place I go for short weekend escapes. The town economy is driven by tourism: rafting and kayaking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Most of the shops in town are consignment or antique shops, so I struggle so see what kind of job I would have and actually enjoy. Every March, around St. Patrick’s Day, the local recreation district hosts the Race through Time marathon, half marathon, and fun run. Last year I drove down from Vail to support Kate and the weather was miserably cold, but this year it was a beautiful bluebird day!

IMG_1608One of Kate’s coworkers, Bailey (who is also the crazy one who runs the full marathon), found a beautiful little guest house on a creek just outside of town. Seven of us bunked up for the weekend. Originally, I was the only person not running, but the morning of the marathon we were standing around waiting for the race to start and someone mentioned the fun run. For the people that don’t know me: I hate running; however, the fact that in just a few short weeks I will have to run 8 miles with my dad, inspired to see if I could actually run two miles. The first two miles of the half marathon followed the same course as the fIMG_1614un run, so I decided to run with Kate and wave goodbye as she continued on for another 11 miles. At the solid pace of 13 minutes a mile, I crossed the finish line, only having stopped running to walk up a deceivingly steep hill. I would love to tell you that I fell in love with running and next year I’m going to run the half marathon with Kate, but I can’t. My back and my hips were not super thrilled with me, but I am still pretty proud of myself that I can run two miles without any sort of training! Maybe the adventure race won’t be such a disaster after all.



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